Blinds Issue

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I am having issues running the energy analysis with blinds. I have tried to use the regular output (HBObjWShades) or the shades breps as context. In both cases, the energy analysis doesn’t run. When I run the analysis using the HBObjWShades output, I get two errors, showed in the attached picture (UsingOutput). On the other hand, when I try to use the shdesbrep output as context for the analysis, it gives me the error in the attached image (UsingContext). I have no idea how to fix these issues, I have tried to generate my own shade material based on Energy Plus documentation.

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JP (602 KB)


It seems that the default auto-calculation of the distance from the blinds center plane to the glass was resulting in the blinds being closer to the glass than E+ likes. It was only affecting cases where you have angled shades and the component is doing trigonometry to figure out how close the blinds could be to the glass without touching. I just re-wrote the code so that, now you cannot have the blinds closer to the glass than half of the blind slat depth, which seems to be the limit of what E+ will tolerate.

Also, E+ does not like it when you input blinds that are perfectly at 90 degrees so I changed the component to automatically write out shades at 89 degrees when you connect up 90.

Using the Shade geometry as context worked perfectly for me and I am not sure what was wrong in your situation.

See your working file attached.

-Chris (608 KB)

Thanks, Chris.