Blockmesh report strange error

I tired to ues butterfly to do a optimization . But after a several time ,the blockmesh report a strange error:

  1. Solution exception:‘docker-machine’ ²»ÊÇÄÚ²¿»òÍⲿÃüÁҲ²»ÊÇ¿ÉÔËÐеijÌÐò»òÅú´¦ÀíÎļþ¡£

I have not idea about the problem , it’s some problem about the memory ?

Please share some more info about the error and your setup. If you can share a minimal version of file. That will help.

As you can see in the picture, a strange error was reported by blockmesh :

Here is the setting of my virtualbox.

memory :


And here is my gh file :
octopus (473.2 KB)

I lower the refinement to make it faster .
It can run corrcetly at first several time. But after few genarations in octopus, blockmesh will report the error in the picture.

Hi, Pompey.

Firstly, you should update your BF components since that might be the cause of the problem. Also, the workflow has been changed with newer components.

Secondly, which is most likely the case here, when using evolutionary solvers you should change interval to -1 in bf solution component.

It went through about 15 iterations and didn’t experience any problems.

Hi stefan. Thanks for your advises.
I will tell you the result after updating butterfly and testing the new gh file.

And about the second suggestion, I am a little confuse about why I should change interval to -1 ? It is the similar principle with the index operation in Python , like find a item in a list from the end to the start ?

No problem.
You can read through this thread and find your answer there:

It works ! ! !
Thanks your advice ! ! !

Hi @Pompey and @stefan ,when i use the component bolckmesh i met the same problem with pompey

  1. Solution exception:‘docker-machine’ ²»ÊÇÄÚ²¿»òÍⲿÃüÁҲ²»ÊÇ¿ÉÔËÐеijÌÐò

And i have updated my BF to the version.0.0.04,but it dont work,so i hope to get your help ,any suggestion will be appreciate