Boundary condition changes after moving

Hey All,

Using the HB_Make_Adiabatic I changed a surface boundary condition from outdoors to adiabatic. Afterwards I moved the containing zone using HB_Move_HB but then I realized that the adiabatic boundary condition is lost and the surface has turned back to its previous state (outdoors).

Is there any way to preserve the altered boundary conditions while moving zones? (I use HB_Move_HB in order to duplicate zones in a large model)



This is expected. Honeybee overwrites the boundary condition for the moved objects. I see your point though. Maybe we should only overwrite the boundary condition if it is set to another surface and otherwise keep it similar to the source object.

Thanks for your prompt reply. It would be great if you could add that option to the HB_Move_HB component. Because otherwise sometimes it’s too difficult to select some surfaces and set their boundary conditions after moving them.

Aryan, We can make it available in Grasshopper later. For now open the component and change line 83 to

HBObject.transform(transform**, clearSurfacesBC=False**)

This will set clearSurfacesBC to False so boundary conditions stays the same as the source object.

That works well. Thank you Mostapha

Dear Mostapha, I’d like to apply similar change to HB_Rotate_HB and HB_Mirror_HB too.

In case of Mirror, Line 82 is:

HBObject.transform(transform, True, True)

Shall I delete the "Ture"s and change the line to the following?

HBObject.transform(transform, clearSurfacesBC=False)

The function takes 3 parameters (or technically 4).

def transform(self, transform, clearSurfacesBC = True, flip = False)

# ...

You should only change the first boolean to False. Flip should stay True for rotate.

HBObject.transform(transform, False, True)

Many thanks for your reply