BSDF material error

Hello everyone;
I have created a BSDF material and give it to context but it makes an error :
object has no attribute split
I don’t know what to do with it and how to fix it… can you please help me?

Hello, can you share your definition?

yeah sure… here is my algorithm:960503-tabriz-class2 final for (1.8 MB)


I couldn’t run your file, because some of geometry and xml file not provided.

excuse me… I forgot to send all the files… here it is:
ven45.xml (1.6 MB)960503-tabriz-class2 final for (1.8 MB)
960813-class2-south.3dm (9.3 MB)
IRN_Tabriz.407060_ITMY.epw (1.6 MB)

these are the files at the top
thank you a lot

Just update.
You need to update your Honeybee and LB version also your file components, it should works fine.

You’re mixing Honeybee[+] components with Honeybee components. That won’t work. Replace your current BSDF material component with the one from Honeybee.

hello @mostapha
yeah i’m mixing honeybee[+] because when i use honeybee component , the daylight simulation doesn’t run. And as you said in one topic the daylight simulation doesn’t run with honeybee bsdf component. So what should I do now? :(:confused:

Figure out why it doesn’t run and fix it! Using Honeybee[+] components doesn’t solve the issue. Honeybee has a similar component to create BSDF materials.