BSDF windows and annual grid sim


I am trying to make a daylight simulation for a floor which has a lot of internal glazing and I want to see how deep natural light goes throughout the year and as well choose the optimal window/shading solution.

I did it with classical HB legacy version, where I did sims for few typical hours in the year and that works. And now I am testing HB+ and so far I love those 3phase, 5phase simulations. Especially as it is way faster and it is easy to include different glazing solutions (BSDF files) in one sim + the awsome specific window contribution feature!
After I switched from a test box building to this one with internal glazing, the daylight stops at the first internal glass wall. Which I understand can be a limitation of 3 and 5 phase simulation.
Then I tried to use daylight coefficient grid based simulation, but that one does not work with BSDF materials (or it does but I’m doing something wrong). I get following error Solution exception:Failed to load the results form an empty file:. I googled and tried all solutions what Mostapha has proposed (newest Radiance version installed on C: drive and deleted all previous result files).

Anyone has idea?


Hi @dstjelja,

You’re facing one of the current limitations of how multi-phase simulation is implemented in Honeybee[+]. This will change in the new release but for now interior dynamic windows will be an issue unless you add them to the simulation as a radiance scene.

The reason that light doesn’t pass the interior window is that Honeybee[+] replace all the windows except for one to target window group to opaque black surfaces. Here you can read why this is happening: Three phase vs five phase component resulting batch file calculations

In the future you will have the option to overwrite the black material for interior windows to stay the same as the original material.

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Thank you very much!
Also because in this case type of interior windows is fixed, putting them as radiance scene, has done the work.

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