BUG LadyBug_Sunpath


Sorry about posting all these bugs, I dont mean to be a nuissance. I keep comming across some irregularities and I think posting them will be ultimately helpful for the develpment of this amazing design tool.

So after updating another one came up. The _location input in the ‘ladybug sunpath’’ is generating some errors in internal calculations.

I tried eliminating the first line ("Location, London\Gatwick etc) to have one less argument but then the component doesn’t unpack the location info properly.

I’ve included an image. Let me know if I can help out in something.

kind regards,


Did you reinserted this component or did you updated the file?

If the later, reinsert and hook again the inputs.


I’ve tried reinserting both the component and Ladybug_ladybug & Honeybee_honeeBee.

Where you able to get results?


I took your file from other discussion, inserted the sunpath and i get the error. But … i updated the file using the LB/HB updaters and now it works fine. Probably need to reinsert manually the SunPath. But no bug there.


I’ll do that. Thanks Abraham


Hey Guys,

This one is my fault. I was supposed to update the LB version check when I added in the solar time feature to the sunpath a week ago. It is there now and you will get a warning when your sunpath is reading an incompatible Ladybug of a previous version.