Butterfly Documentation

Dear Mostafa, Theodore, Chris and anyone else involved in creating Butterfly,

Thank you for this wonderful tool that clearly has amazing potential. I think what would really help its adoption would be some form of documentation - does any exist so far? The documentation links on the wiki don’t seem to work, and the entries here seem to all be empty.

Is this something you are currently working on? We are trying to implement some CFD modelling but it is really challenging to set up the definitions and understand the inputs/outputs without any documentation or tool tips. Are there any plans to add this soon?

Please keep up the great work! All the best,

Hi,@MaxMarschall You can try
to follow the wiki and install butterfly and
bluecfd software. As for
documention,you can follow @mostapha 's YouTube channel. There’s several video
tutorial about butterfly.

Hi @minggangyin, I hadn’t seen those particular Youtube videos yet, will definitely check them out!
Without having done them yet, I still think it would be really helpful to get some tool tips going for the inputs and outputs of the components, à la Ladybug/Honeybee.

Compare this tool tip from Ladybug:

…to this one from Butterfly:

The former gives a great, detailed, “for dummies” explanation, while the latter could use a bit of embellishment. Maybe someone in the community with openFOAM experience could start filling in the blanks here - would be very much appreciated and a huge help!

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@MaxMarschall Butterfly is a plugin for CFD simulation. It is not easy as sunhour analysis or radiation analysis. It needs some background knowledge about CFD theroy\meshing\solver\postprocessor.
Here is Mostapha’s Youtube butterfly channle. It is open access.

And the diffcult part of butterfly is how to meshing using OpenFOAM.
Here is a detailed document for Meshing.