Butterfly interaction with honeybee ep pvm evaluations

is there an example where the human comfort analysis from honeybee energy pro outputs are influenced by butterfly? do they both use the same volume models?

is there a video that describes how this is done?


Please check
OpenFoam CFD: Butterfly - Advanced CFD - Outdoor Thermal Comfort Studies


I am doing an indoor study for that same nVidia model I have been trying to get running. it is possible to have indoor air flow from the butterfly into the same model so I can get a more accurate comfort model?

Then may be
Butterfly CFD - Natural Ventilation Studies
will help

OK… thanks I will review that.

I am also running some comfort analysis for parametric buildings under natural ventilation (hybrid ventilation), and I was wondering if it would be possible to couple Butterfly indoor air flow analysis with the Honeybee energy model.
Thus, I was hoping to find some answers at the videos linked at the post. However, I can not access them. Is that a problem or do I need a special account for that?
Thanks a lot.

I believe those videos are migrated to here

Thanks for answering. A few more questions though, if you could please help me.
The description of the course says:

  1. The results can be reviewed using ParaView.
    Honeybee would not be an option, then?
  2. Taught by the creator of Butterfly CFD for Grasshopper3D
    Is Mostapha the one who made the videos?