Butterfly is not running

Hi all,
While running butterfly, it shows the error - “1. Solution exception:‘type’ object has no attribute ‘bf_ver’” I couldn’t be able to find the solution for the same. I have attached the error screenshot also.
OPENFOAM in installed correctly and running already in the background.
Pl do the needful.

HI @vrk1007,
I faced this recently as well. I will try to help. This looks like the version you downloaded from food4Rhino website? If yes, did you use the installer.gh that comes with the .zip?
Can you share a snap shop of this folder on your machine?

Hi Devang,
Yes i have downloaded from food4rhino only and used installer.gh to install it.
Few days before it was working well but now its not.
Below is the screenshot:

The zip you downloaded from food4Rhino will also have the two folders named butterfly and butterfly_grasshopper.
Please make sure the folders in the scripts folders have the same files as they are in the folders from food$rhino download. If not, please copy missing files. Then try restart Rhino & Grasshopper please.

Yes. It worked now. There was one file which was not there.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Nicely done! :grinning: