Butterfly Snappy hex mesh Running time

I’m new to Butterfly, I have installed openfoam on my computer. My computer (i7-9850H with 32G ram and SDD drive)

I was following the tutorial, and the snappy hex mesh component took like half a hour to run. nothing fancy just 2 blocks from the example.

I have also set the RHINO unit to meters and tolerance to 0.1.

Is this normal? or I have done something wrong?

Thanks …

Did you run snappy with one or multiple CPUs?

You can check this by checking your folder or logfiles if deconstructParMesh/deconstructPar has run before your snappyHexMesh (this will create the folders foam/processor001, foam/processor002 etc…

It can take half an hour on one cpu. Also depends on the cell size around your blocks.