Butterfly time-based simulation QUESTIONS

Dear everyone,

First of all, thanks to Mostapha for BF development, an incredible tool!

The 1st ques: pls check the 1st attached .png image. Basically, I am bit of confused by the ‘inletBoundary’ and ‘outletBoundary’ components in which the ‘temperatures_’ represents?

The 2nd ques is more about thinking how to achieve more potentials by BF. I am doing a project that is trying to implement the construction method of ‘DOUBLE-GLAZED’ facade, which will conduct air flow inside a building and save more energy. Since I also use LB&HB for time-based analyses, so Im wondering if BF could use time-based-srf-temperature to achieve a more dynamic simulation in a day, lets say, a hot summer day, 10:00 to 16:00?

And the last what is the definition of these recipes(pic no.2)? what do they mean?

Thanks in advance for the helps!

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Hi Lei Yang,

The temperature input in the inlet/outlet boundary is used when we are conducting simulations that take into account temperature, like in indoor simulations with buoyancy (heat transfer recipe). You can use those inputs to set a condition, e.g. a room with an cooling system set at 24 degrees Celsius.

Dynamic, or transient, simulations are not yet properly set up in BF. We expect to include them perhaps in the next big release but not sure when that will be. For now, if the simulation is fast enough, I would suggest you just run 6 simulations, each for one hour between 10:00 and 16:00.

In the case of only wind simulation, the opposite route, from BF/OF to Energyplus/HB might be possible if you couple E+ with some co-simulation interface. But I have to say I have no (good) experience doing that, maybe someone else has tried it and succeeded.

Hope this helps.

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