Butterfly Wind Vector

Hi everyone,

I’m a researcher from KADK and I’m testing Butterfly for a comparison between CFD tools.

I’m trying to rotate wind vector, but after a certain angle (approximately near 30° clockwise) it doesn’t run. SnappyHexMesh gives this error:

  1. Solution exception:
    --> snappyHexMesh Failed!
    Point (10 40 7.5) is not inside the mesh or on a face or edge.
    Bounding box of the mesh:(-14.8394 -70.31135 0) (62.35048 36.99024 15)

From function static Foam::labelList Foam::refinementParameters::findCells(bool, const Foam::polyMesh&, const pointField&)
in file snappyHexMeshDriver/refinementParameters/refinementParameters.C at line 206.

FOAM exiting

There’s anyone that knows how to solve this?

In attachment the screenshot, gh definition and 3dm file.

Thanks in advance,


20170505__.3dm (206 KB)

test_butterfly_20170505__.gh (429 KB)

Based on the error, and without looking to your model, you need to set the locationInMesh to a point inside the domain. It’s currently outside the bounding box.

Hi Mostapha,

thank you very much, I didn’t check the meshing parameters component.