Calculate daylighting


I am writing an article which is about a building that has five floors that I want to measure daylighting for each floor per lux in a specific time.I did it with Honeybee but for validating my results because of lack of equipment, I have to know how can calculate daylighting in Honeybee.I need to know some formulas about calculating daylighting to adapt my results with Honeybee.please introduce me some information (pdf)about it. Best Regards;


Hi Sajad,

If you are talking about the validation of simulation engine Honeybee uses Radiance (and daysim for annual simulation). Radiance is a validated engine ( and there are several publications that you can use as reference. Just google for Radinace daylight validation. Honeybee is just an interface.

Having said that, the validation and calibration of your model (i.e. is your inputs and assumptions vs the reality) is something that, as you mentioned, needs to be proved by measurement.

Hope it helps,