Calculating Energy generation - PV panel


I would like to know if there is some way to calculate the energy output from pv panels in HoneyBee.

I saw in another discussion that there isn´t a component for this! Does anyone have an alternative?

Thanks in advance!



As of a few days ago there is! Our awesome developer, Anton Szilasi, just spent the last 2-3 months building out the capability to run Energy simulations with PV panels and other energy generation objects. It seems that you are the perfect candidate to beta test them. I will warn that Anton is not going to be able to provide much beta-test support for the next week or so but, if you want to get a head start on checking out the capabilities, you can find an example file here:

You can get all of the components in the file by syncing with the github.

Anton also put together some tutorial videos, although he said that he’s going to fix the sound on them soon:………

If you send me an email, I can put you in touch with Anton so that he can help once he’s available.


Hi Letica

While I am travelling over the next 2 weeks I will try my best to respond to any user requests that you have. So please go ahead and give my components a try and let me know how you go!



Also do let me know if theres anything I can do to make the components more user friendly

Hi Chris and Anton!

Loved come in here and see this news! I’m starting to work on this part in my PhD. I’ll check the tutorials and as soon as possible I will start working with this component! Any questions or suggestions I will contact you.

Thank you for attention and future support! :slight_smile:


Hi Anton,

EnergyPlus offers three different mathematical algorithms for the calculation of the electricity produced by a PV module. The three different algorithms are equivalent to the three objects: simple, equivalent one-diode and Sandia and differ in the prediction accuracy.

Which model did you use in the component?


I also want to add the Djordje has done a similar development to integrate Ladybug to PVWATTS which is also ready to be tested. It’s my fault that they are not available yet and will be released very soon. You may want to do a comparative study between the two.


Hi Letica

Sorry for the delay in my reply, for some reason ning didnt let me know you left a comment - I used the simple algorithm this is outlined in the PV component itself if you hold your cursor over the component the documentation will pop up