Calculating EUI

Hello All,

I am in the process of learning Honeybee and am trying to generate an EUI for a simple geometry and am looking for a tutorial or some guidance on how I should go about doing that.

The Idea is that I can do a series of iterations using Grasshopper and quickly have ladybug/honeybee estimate the EUI of the geometry. (the geometry would take the climate information from ladybug into consideration.)

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! I tried looking through the forum but didn’t find something that fit the above description.

Thank you in Advance!

Hi Melissa,

I am assuming you already have found resources to learn Honeybee.

In honeybee, after you have successfully finished a simulation and you have results coming out of your Honeybee_Read EP Results component. You can use Hoenybee_Normalize Data by Floor Area component to find EUI for cooling, heating, etc. The component can be found under 10 | Energy | Energy


Hi Devang,

Yes, I am using the tutorial on youtube to learn Honeybee.

I will try what you indicated above and see what results it gives me.

Thank you!