Can anyone help me understand why my model is crashing?

I’ve got the top four floors of a building that i’m working on set up in HB. If I run only one floor through OpenStudio, it runs fine. Same thing with three floors. Not a problem. Each floor is more or less a copy of the other so the codes aren’t really changing from one the other.

As soon as I hook up a fourth floor though, rhino crashes when I toggle OpenStudio. In each case solveadjacencies works so I feel like I’m missing something. I partially suspect it is my computer/ram getting maxed out but that doesn’t seem all too realistic. I feel like it would take more for 32gbs to get maxed out.



Upload To HB Grasshopper (3.06 MB)

Hi Zach,

I checked this file. First, you need to solve one surface that must be intersected between 2 zones.


UploadToHBGrasshopperFile_OMDMR .gh (3.08 MB)


Thanks for checking it out.

The air wall is an easy fix but even with that mistake Openstudio still runs when only 3 floors are connected. As soon as I hook up the fourth floor, Rhino Crashes on me. I’m curios if you had the same result.


That works for me(I removed that zone).

For test-simulation, it is better to remove unnecessary output. Check the last attachments.

please let me know when this issue is finally fixed.


That did the trick. Thanks alot Omid


Without taking up too much of your time, would you have any idea why my problem keeps persisting? I thought I had it fixed but rhino keeps crashing as soon as I go from 3 floors to 4 floors. I’ve relink/reset most of the code and geometry but nothing seems to change.

Is there a limit maybe to how many zones you can plug into HB?