Can’t Download the latest Radiance for Ladybug, Error 404 on the Github page

Hi, Guys,

I was trying to download the Radiance Release through the link from Ladybug SkyMatrix Cell, But the Linked Github Download page is showing Error 404, and the content can not be accessed. Does anyone know what is going wrong? or is there anywhere else to get the latest Radiance Release?

Thank you.

Hi I’ve got the same problem,
I just started learning LB and have installed main plugin + OpenStudio,

but still cannot find reliable sources of Radiance,
it seems all the release after ver. 5.3a (2020) are gone?

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help us solve this issue
or simply sharing a copy of install file with us,

Thanks in advance :]

I have tried the link that you have pasted here, It seems the content is available now.

Looks like GitHub might have been down for a few hours there. Glad that the issue has resolved itself.

Yes, Chris, there is no problem now. Thank you for your attention. :grinning:

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