Cannot find function file

Previously everything was working fine however now I am getting this weird error.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Much Appreciated!

Hi Anton,

If I am not mistaken, the .cal file gets written by gencumulativesky.exe, which should be in the ladybug root folder. Can you get it to launch through cmd prompt?


What Sarith said. I just checked your example and it runs with no issues.

I attached both .sky and ,call file that should be generated under (C:\ladybug\skylib\cumulativeSkies\Houston_Ellington_Afb_) (238 Bytes) (2.92 KB)

Hi Sarith,

What do you mean launch it through the cmd prompt? Launch the cal file or the batch file again?

I think it’s something with Perkins + Will network. I had an issue with the same file, that worked on my home computer but not at P+W.…

Still haven’t found a solution.


Update: Our IT is telling me to try running GH using admin rights. I don’t have time to test this out now, but let me know if you have better luck. Did you ask your IT?

+1. Can you try to run the batch file as an administrator and see if that makes a difference?

Hi Anton,

I have had a crazy week so I could not reply earlier. I was just curious to know if you can get cumulativesky.exe to launch at all. As others pointed out, I guess issue should resolve if you launch it as admin. I have run across such issues with xform in Radiance.

Alright, finally got some time to test this out.

So, yes, the problem is resolved if we use admin access. Specifically, I found the Toronto_cumulativeSky.bat batch file, ran it as an admin, and that fixes everything.

Thanks guys.