Cannot get false color HDR image

Hi Mostapha,

I can make HDR but cannot make the false color HDR in the same file; besides, the false color works in other files. Could you help me to check that?

On the other hand, one geometry I tried seems like it creates the HDR, but the image is totally white. I am not sure if the cause is from geometry, and if there any limitation to test the geometry in glare analysis.

Thank you.

Hui Ling

1015 Test_3 models_ques.3dm (1.2 MB)
1015_IMG (162 KB)

Hi Hui Ling,

You had an extra Enter after your input for “lux”. If you remove that FalseColor image will be produced (attached!).

I cannot re-produce the issue with white image. It is usually a result of high exposure which can be set with setting setExposure to True which I can see that you already did. Can you send me the weather file that you are using?

Mostapha (163 KB)

Two quick comments about your file:

  1. Set RADParameters higher in case this is your final analysis. The parameters are pretty low for what you are trying to do. You can see that in the quality of the image.

  2. The legend for the FalseColor image is cd/m2 and not lux. This is what get reflected back from the surfaces to your eyes (camera) and not what falls at that point (which will be in lux).


Hi Mostapha,

Oh, I got it, and thank you.

The weather file is from California climate zone 6, and please see the attachment.

Hui Ling

CZ06RV2.epw (1.62 MB)

Thanks again :slight_smile: