Can't find the result on annual simulation

Hi all,
I have written an algorithm to calculate annual daylight in a room,

but it doesn’t find the results for the study and the link to the illfilesaddress is red,

whats is the mistake?

i really appreciate it if you could help me,

Thanks (491 KB)

Hi Fahime,

The main issue was that the"Base Wall" surface name should not have a space in it. Changed to “Base_Wall”. This is enough to make the file work.

But, the grid points werre outside the zone. Corrected it.

See red arrows to see my changes.

-A. (508 KB)

Hi Abraham,

Thanks a lot,

I saw your file and corrected the names and grid points, but still doesn’t work. does it run on your system?
in fact, a new error also appeared on ladybug recolor mesh as it says:

“Length of the results is not equal to the number of mesh faces”

Yes. It works fine in my computer.

Do you get output results from the HB_readAnnualResultsI? If so you should be able to get the maps.

Try to reinsert the Recolor component.

Also set the weather file to yours. Maybe this is the cause of the problem?


Yes, I set the weather file,

but I dont get the result from HB read annual results

Here is a picture of what I see on my computer,

Maybe I should try on a different computer,

Change the Working Directory to something different. I’m suspecting that your username (Fofi.M) is making problems. I defined this name in my computer and the results were stored in Fofi_M (changed the “.” for “_”). In your case this can;t be done because of the location. Give something like C:\Ladybug\Classroom.


Abraham, I appreciate your consideration and sorry I am taking your time, I couldn’t change the whole system name, but I changed the working dir name to C:\Ladybug\Classroom, again no answer!

No problem.

I’m running out of ideas.

Can you go to the folder with the crated files and execute the BAT files? Do they run successfully?

Can you upload the file you are using? Weird but maybe something hapened there.


Hi Fahimeh and Abraham-

Fahimeh! Do you have Dasyim installed correctly on your system? Can you run other types of analysis (e.g. daylight factor)


I have installed all needed softwares according to the guide,

but can’t run other types of analysis such as DF, I had the “index out of range” error, although I updated HB and LB,

I want to use university computer, if I it wasn’t successful, I will let you know.