Cant run radiation analysis on complex geometry?

I have certain variable pipe geometries and would like to run ladybug radiation analysis to evaluate solar exposure on the pattern. yet it is not working nor I
can upload the geometry file … keeps hanging for some reason
can someone please help?

Hi @sreehari_793,

Can you add the .gh file?


“Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” what to do?

Actually i guess its mean “if you are new, your question is most probably asked forum before you joined, check the old topics” :slightly_smiling_face:

You can try add dropbox, drive or wetransfer link.


I just check the your file @sreehari_793,

Your amorph geometry was intersect many points.

Because of your morphology of your geometry, computation time will be long.


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thank you so much , i’ll try and refer back! :slight_smile: