CaptureView in RhinoCompute

I’m trying to export a Rhino view in Rhino.Compute using Capture View component but I’m getting an error:
Solution exception:'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Document': component \"CaptureView\" (7c8b0d1f-bd59-4ca2-8215-6e65b48d8de2)

are all components of LadyBug supported in Rhino.Compute context? I’m using LadyBug v1.2 on self hosted Rhino.Compute (Rhino 7.4.21078.1001)

Hi @atali and welcome to the forum! We haven’t tested ladybug against RhinoCompute. It looks like we are trying to access the document in a way that RhinoCompute doesn’t support. It’s unlikely that we are the first one who are facing this issue. Have you seen a similar discussion on the McNeel forum?

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Hi -

I might very well be missing something here…
When using Rhino.Compute, usually, a document doesn’t exist.

A quick search:


Right. And we can’t take a screenshot of a Rhino document that does not exist.