Certain windows with addHBGlz don't seem to display correclty

Hi there,

I’m new here and this is my first post. I have recently started learning and working with rhino, grasshopper and ladybug honeybee for my internship so I’m just starting.

I have successfully ran a simulation on this project (which I have simplified with everything internalized) WindowExample.gh however some of the windows don’t seem to display correctly as you can see here:

My question is: is this an actual error that will affect the simulation or is it just glitch when displaying the windows?

The file might seem a little strange as I have built “frames” to host the window surfaces. I did this because I was getting some errors that made the simulation fail and after some research I found it was because I needed to have some space between the window and the edge of the surface hosting it.

Here is a preview of the file:

PS. I tried searching this to not multipost but I counldn’t find anything.

Window Example.gh (632 KB)

I found a slow and manual way around this problem which is basically using dupedge in rhino around the window and then making a planar surface from those to recreate a new window surface. (using the planar surface command directly wouldn’t work)

One window still made a fuss, the smaller squared one so I had to copy, rotate and move another window from the back (same dimensions) to it’s hosting surface. That solved it. However I do think that if this is some glitch within the addHBGlz component it should be looked at…

The final result looks like this:

Hi Nicholas, Welcome!

I didn’t check your file but 1. these cases are almost always the case of slightly non-planar surfaces. Remodeling the surface should solve the problem. 2. To double check how your geometry gets exported to energyplus try to write the idf and then open it in another software like OpenStudio. You can also run the analysis with EPRUN and generate a dxf file from your model which you can use for quality check.