Change emissivity and SRI of materials

Hi everyone!
Does anyone know how to change the solar reflectance index and the emissivity of a custom material in an energy simulation?
I haven’t find anything for the SRI in GH…
Regarding the emissivity I tried to create a custom Therm material and then use ‘Therm material to energy plus material’ but it didn’t work… it only worked with a thermal material from the library, but in this way I can’t change the emissivity and I don’t know how to add a material to the therm library, if it is possible. How can I solve?


They are available in the EPMaterial components:

For opaque materials :

Solar reflectance = 1 - _solAbsp_
Thermal emissivity = _thermAbsp_


Thank you @SaeranVasanthakumar for the answer!