Change the hight of test point(distance from the base surface)

Hello, forum.
In energy and daylight analysis I changed the height of the test point (DISTANCE FROM BASE SUR) from the ground to the table (0 to 0.8). I think it’s ok when the daylight analysis changed but I can’t understand why the Heating and Cooling load changed.
Did the simulation run correctly?

The sensor grids are Radiance-only properties and, given how we structured the plugin, it should not be possible for them to have any affect on energy simulations at all. So, if your thermal loads changed, it’s most likely because you changed something else other than the sensor grids. Energy models have tons of properties after all and it’s understandable to loose track of them sometimes.

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Thank you very much @chris. It was weird for me too, now I am sure. I didn’t change anything, I will find the problem