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I have found Ladybug+Honeybee tools very helpful for my academic/research projects. However, I’m wondering how I could best prepare citations for academic/research tasks.
Could you please answer the following questions?

Ladybug tools’ tips and defaults of settings:
Some tips on some components inputs refer to standards (e.g. ASHRAE standards) or some general facts in thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, etc. In some cases it’s not easy to find the reference publications/evidences. How could those values/parameters be justified within the context of academic research? What’s your suggestion?

Reference tools calibration:
How reliable are the functions run by external engines (e.g. energyplus)? Which ones are already calibrated to reflect the real conditions and which ones aren’t?
(Maybe I should ask this question in other forums (e.g. UnmetHours) ?)

Thank you


  1. The input values are set based on common use cases and workflows. You will always need to pick the ones that satisfies your study. There will never be a set of default values that works for all the scenarios.

  2. All the engines that we’re are using in Ladybug Tools are validated. You can find the validation documents for each of the engines by looking up the web:

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