Classification/API + dictionaries/maps/tables


I am master’s student interested in building energy management systems.
I am trying to find a map/table/dictionary that correlates different schemes/API/classifications.
I know there are translations between classifications cbnl,etim, stabu.
What I am looking for is in principle similar to language dictionaries.
For examples IFC pump, ETIM pump, OpenStudio pump etc.
I am looking for any connections between: Revit, IFC, ETIM, OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, Modelica, OpenBuildingControl, Haystack, Brick, BEMServer, BACnet, gbXML

I think dictionary like this would be helpful for designing better HVAC and BEMS systems in BIM.

If you know something about mapped classifications/APIs or about Spawn of EnergyPlus, please feel free to join this discussion. :slight_smile: