Cmd Window Progress Report %

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When running a HB simulation (I have only done a Rad daylight sim thus far) would it be possible to see a progress report % within the cmd window(s) that pops up? I have no idea how long a simulation is going to take when making radiance parameter tweaks.

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A lot of people would want this. However, I don’t think it is possible to have an estimate due to the randomness involved in the simulation. Even if there wasn’t, I would still think it would be really difficult to get a good estimate. In computer science, there’s a way to elucidate the complexity of a problem by the use of Big o notation. That will not tell you for how long a program will run but it can tell you the share of different variables in the total program run time. Also, this questions is partly addressed in the classic Halting Problem. Lastly, this is a question purely about radiance and hence more suited for the radiance group.

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That’s very interesting. The randomness of system wide progress bars make a lot more sense to me now, thank you. I guess with the experience of running a few simulations over time, the designer will be able to have more or less an intuitive estimate.

Thank you once again.