Coil:UserDefined, Openstudios vs E+, Ironbug, and a py guy's trying to do the things

Hi everyone!
I’ve a couple of questions, first:

Py Pri dev/coder whatevs, desiring the same modularity of the E+ native Coil:UserDefined
But in OS via IronBug.
True to form: hopped into VS and basically copied off of the PlantComponent:UserDefined,
come to the revalation:
Apparently there is not a Coil:UserDefined in the OS SDK?
#thanks @MingboPeng IB is: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: btw!!!

I thought that is was isinstance in OS SDK as in the OS docs:
as there is openstudio::Coil_UserDefinedFields which seems like… the same as E+ Coil:UserDefined object;
Honestly I feel like I’m mostly just a bit lost in the whole .NET framework, and hoping for some guidance from anyone on how to proceed as… C# and all that is NOT my bag…
The overconfidence from pulling off some EpNet C# in designbuilder (yuck designbuilder) is real :sweat_smile:

I’ve a messy; mid-ohcrap need to refactor some stuff hardcore going here in a git fork if any C#/IB savvy folk

if you have gotten this far:
Thanks! Appreciate any .NET feedback/guidance!

Hi @TrevorFedyna, thanks for trying to add new objects to IB.

I just checked OS SDK, you are right that Coil:UserDefined has not been added to OS, if you need it, please create an issue for OS team.

In terms of C# tutorials, I found some tutorials on Pluralsight are very helpful, and I think you can use a Microsoft account to get 6 months free unlimited access via Visual Studio subscriptions: Pluralsight benefit in Visual Studio subscriptions | Microsoft Docs.

Hope this is helpful, and we can also have a call if you want some help when developing IB.



Awesome! Thanks Mingbo! Definitely going to checkout Pluralsight and try and get more up to speed with C#. Once feeling more ‘up to speed’ C# wise: an IB call would definitely be awesome!

for follow-up sake: Issue/feature request opened on git. I’m ‘pretty sure’ once obj does exist in the SDK: I can add it to IB, definitely going to delve into some Pluralsight tho… .NET be a whole animal lol. But: with UD plant compo: solid reference there for sure!

also just kind of confused why the ‘OS:utilities/idd’: the ‘fields’ exist but not the object? Is this a legit “oops” issue or is there some functionality available here do you think?

I think those object’s fields are auto-generated, the real objects have to be added manually one by one.

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AHHH That makes sense… IDD generated fields for all available E+ engine objects: then they write the objs into the OS SDK ahhhh. Ty!