Comfort Mannequin component Error

Hello everyone,

I´ve just started studying Chris Mackey´s wonderful tutorials on youtube about the Ladybug and Honeybee tools. I´ve downloaded and installed the latest versions from the website and began to try it immediately. While going through one of the first lessons, I got an error with the “Comfort Mannequin” component. First it didnt work because it showed the message “too many values to unpack”. So I looked up for similar errors in this forum and discovered the possible solution would be to use the update component. After doing so I rebooted the system and now the component is still red but showing a different message: **“solution exception: global name ‘bakelt_’ is not defined”. **Here I attach a print from the canvas.

As you can imagine I am a begginer on Grasshopper and probably won´t be able to figure this out on my own. Any insghts on possible solutions to this problem will be very much apreciated!!

**Thank you!! **

Hi Ana,

Have you used "“Ladybug_Update Ladybug” to update your LB version?
If yes, Something went wrong.

I have just updated my LB version, this is what you should see.

You can find a possible solution here:…



Yes I had used the update component but, as you said before, something must have went wrong with it. I repeated the procedure and it finally worked!

Thanks a lot !!!