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I am using the version 1.6.0 and I am new to the ladybug tools on grasshopper. I saw some tutorial videos and there was a component for comfort mannequin. I am unable to find it in version 1.6.0. Is there an alternative to that component that I can use. I tried searching the forum but I have not come across any post discussing it.

Your input be will be very much appreciated.

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Kia ora Amin

When you say you saw a tutorial with a comfort mannequin, could you provide some context, say the link to the video? The closest I can think of to what you describe is not in v1.6, it is in the Legacy version of Ladybug.

Somewhere towards the middle of the list at the bottom of the Food4Rhino page linked above you can find this:

There are many mannequin-like icons in Ladybug v1.6. All allow calculation of comfort against various criteria / in different situations. What is your application?

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Kia ora Michael,

Thank you for your response. The link to the video is: 1 - Ladybug Comfort Tutorials - Outdoor Comfort: UTCI - YouTube. I am using version 1.6.0 and I came across a research conducted recently using grasshopper that was able to produce visualization as below. I am able to find a component in Grasshopper that can be integrated with UTCi results to color an object. The link to the research is here: Atmosphere | Free Full-Text | Thermal Comfort in the Built Environment: A Digital Workflow for the Comparison of Different Green Infrastructure Strategies. It would be great if you could advise on how can i achieve similar results without using the legacy version.

Thank you so much for your advise and time.

Kia ora

I have not had occasion to produce the Illustrations in the paper. I can say that the Outline man in the paper you reference is more detailed than the one shown in the 8 year old youtube video by @chris using what is now the Legacy version of the LBT suite.

I note that the paper has reported that it has used the PET comfort equations to assess comfort, but, like you I cannot find how they generated the “mannequin” representation of their results.

Personally, I would think that approaching the authors directly would be more valuable than here as they are clearly working on something you have an interest in. At least one of them has an official OrcID reference:

Do respond here if you identify something that could help us all through that correspondence.


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