Comments to Example Files for Honeybee


I opened = 004_gridBasedAnalysis, (Honeybee.ExampleFiles.0.0.51)

click No 6 and can see that all calculation starting…

I have images in C:\ladybug\uselessImages

aslo new folder is created:


buy I can not see any results as have those warnings:

Any help would be appreciated.

Connect a Boolean to refresh input in the last image and it will load the results.

thanks It works now…

some more questions:

  1. Currently we have daylight factor simulation and DF% on grid… at readRadResutls can change between analysis type… for which date is it calculated?.. as we can show radiation here ? there are some results when we change type…

  2. as alternative we can use gridbasesimulation with month/day/hour for _skyfile… this is specific hour that ie. radiation is calculated…can we make it for full year or slecet time period

  1. No you can’t. That’s only because different analysis types has different result files. The component needs to know the type of the analysis so it calculates the right results. I can see that this can be confusing. Let me see if I can find a better solution for this.

  2. Yes! There is a recipe for annual analysis up there. Then use DSParameters and set output units to 1. The results will be annual radiation analysis using Daysim.

I was wandering if you could help me/us and show how you do this extrusion from mesh to present results. I am sending attached some example. During Lecture you used points and did circles. I was wandering if you could show us how you do rectangular extrusion from mesh so we can achieve this stunning visual effect when presenting results.

Michal (301 KB)

Hi Michal, Check this discussion:…