Conditional statement for Ladybug sunlight hours

Hi everyone.
i am using ladybug sunlight hours component for a specific period analyse and I should get “the average number of daily hours which at least 2sqm of floor area receive direct light”. I used LD mesh threshold selector but the result is wrong. i am so confused and i dont know which components should i use to calculate average daily hours.

I appreciate if anyone can explain how should i get this result,

Since you are looking for average daily results:

  1. First you have to separate the results for each day. You can use Branch Data for this part.
  2. Then find out the number of hours that satisfies the target (area > 2). If the grid is uniform this will be easy and you can use points count, otherwise you need to get the area of mesh faces that each point represents.
  3. Finally average the results!

There is no single component for that.

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Thanks Mostapha for the explanation. I will try it.

I’m also analyzing similar thing.
Did you get the average daily results?
If so, can you please explain how?