Construction Sets - Can be dynamic?

Hi @chris,
Question: Can a construction set change while working on a file?
Example: I want to set the insulation depth parametrically and it is part of a construction set.
How do you recommend the workflow for such cases should be?

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Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, there’s nothing stopping you from dynamically generating ConstructionSets parametrically just like you would any other object in honeybee. As long as the slider comes before the ConstructionSet-creating component in your Grasshopper definition, a new ConstructionSet instance is created each time you move that slider. Parametric ConstructionSets like this are particularly useful when you have large models and you want to do things like “change all of the wall constructions to all of the Model rooms at once.”

However, if you are working with a single-zone model and building it up face-by-face (or you only want to change only the window constructions), you don’t need a whole new ConstructionSet and you might find it easier to just apply the construction directly to honeybee objects using the components you see circled here:

Thanks @chris,
I can think on another scenario where this can beuseful: Say you have a construction set in the library and you want to use it. At the same time you want to parametrically change the insulation for the whole model. Those components will apply also for this task, right?

@AbrahamYezioro ,

Yes. You will see that the “HB ConstructionSet” component has an input for base_constr_set_, which can be used to start from an existing construction set in your library instead of the honeybee default construction set:

When you plug in the ID of one of your library’s construction sets into this component, it will make a copy of that construction set and apply all of your edits to it. In fact, this is how I would recommend most people work with construction sets since the default honeybee construction set isn’t geared towards any particular climate so it’s much better to start from a construction set in the library that is for the climate zone you are working in.