Constructions not assigning properly to surfaces


I am encountering some problems with how constructions are being assigned to surfaces.
While it shouldn’t affect the simulation results I am trying to assign several adiabatic wall surfaces as “interior wall” construction but for some reason they are taking on my exterior “Wall” construction attributes instead.

I am trying to simulate two shoebox models side-by-side both facing south with glazing and all others as adiabatic interior surfaces. So for all my adiabatic surfaces they should be assigned interior construction types but instead I am getting some of my adiabatic surfaces as exterior “Wall” constructions.

I have tried fiddling around with the order in which my constructions and find adjacent components are plugged in but I still can’t get them to assign the proper construction.

Really appreciate the help.

shoebox massing template.3dm (99.0 KB)
shoebox massing template (792.4 KB)
in.idf (87.3 KB)

This is working as you have defined. “Interior Walls” Energyplus construction

Thank you for the quick response Devang! For some reason when I do that check, it shows WALL on all exterior wall surfaces…
I’ve also recently been having problems with my scripts not producing the same results despite having the same inputs (I have posted to unmet hours as suggested and am hoping for some help in that direction, thank you for the suggestion)

I found the problem. Because I had the “setZoneConstruction” downstream it overwrote my interior walls that were on the exteriors of the shoebox to my exterior “Wall” construction.

Thanks again devang.