Context shading when using the outdoor solar temperature adjustor

When running plug-in for the Solar adj temp, I get a clear differentiation between an exposed and shaded location. All good!

However, I cannot get any difference in results when I introduce context shading (i.e. the exposed results, and the ‘in context’ results are identical.

I’ve tried a number of simple scenes with various surface definitions and while the context is previewed, I get zero impact to the results.

Is there something that I’m missing here?

Thanks in advance, Erik

Hi Erik,

There was a bug in the original solar temperature adjustor that was released in that it was not meshing the context correctly. I have since put a corrected component onto the github and you can find a GH file with the new component in it at the end of this discussion:…

Let me know if you experience any difficulties with this,


sorted. Many thanks!