Context surface problem

Hello everyone,
How can I change the construction of the context? when I plug the preview from Honeybee_create HBS surface it works, but when I plug it to the context it goes back to exterior wall.
Any idea how to fix that?

Hi @aaalyahya,

Have a look at this example for how HB context is used.

Hi @Erikbeeren
I saw the example, but it didn’t show how I can change the construction of the context.

You don’t need to add constructions to the context. Context is only used for blocking the sun radiation in the calculation.

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In my case I have double skin façade and I want to find out the impact of the double skin to the building envelope, so what should I do? because the construction of the skin should have big impact to the envelope.


Her you can find a lot of examples including a dubble skin facade.

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Thank you so much @Erikbeeren