Context transparency schedules

It is my first post in this forum. I have started playing a little bit with honeybee and ladybug for an assignment at university and I manage to create a script for energy demand and peak load, so far so good. But when I try to simulate the context with deciduous trees, I create a transparency schedule and the simulation starts running from 3 min to 30 min, and I don´t understand what I am doing wrong, I would like to know if there is any way to improve the simulation time somehow. The same happens when I try to simulate movable shading devices instead of fix. The only thing that I came up right now is doing two simulations, one for the season when the trees lost their leaves and another that don´t and then calculate the average. But there must be another way. The forum doesn´t allow me to upload any files, but I can send it if you can help me.

@Julioamodia89 You should upload your rhino file and grasshooper. At least,you should upload some screenshot of your quesiton.