Continuous Daylight Autonomy Hourly Results

Hello everybody,
I was wondering if is possible in some way to obtain the hourly data expressed in cDA. At the moment I am just able to get the percentage result for the entire year period but not for single hours. I know that there is the component Honeybee_readAllTheDSHourlyResults but it does not have the cDA as output. I was trying to have them by taking the numbers in Lux for each hour from the .ill file and then convert them to cDA using the formula IF(x/500>1,1,x/500)*100 in excel but the average total that I get is different.

Thank you in advance for the availability

Do you remove the hours with no occupancy based on the occupancy schedule?

Hello Mostapha and thank you for the interest,
yes, I have also tried it but with that, the total value increases drastically and becomes even more different from the one that I get from grasshopper. To summarize, the procedure that I am following is opening the .ill file in excel where I have the 8760 hourly values for the 48 points which constitute my analysis grid, I then, for each hour, do an average of the 48 points in order to have an average value for the entire surface for each hour but then the final average of the 8760 values is not the same as the annual cDA value in the program. I suppose that there is no component to have the hourly value straight out from grasshopper right? And also, is the cDA a parameter that can be expressed in hourly values or is it just suitable for a year period?