Control over mesh for non-planer breps


To test Honeybee possibilities in dealing with free forms I connected a set of joined Breps to mass2zone (see 1st attachment). Firstly I should praise you that Honeybee did the job smoothly (2nd attachment).

But the thing is I have ended up with more than 4000 surface in EnergyPlus. I was wondering what kind of controls I can have over the complexity of the mesh? What is the approach you would suggest for such forms to get a reasonable complexity in EnergyPlus?


If you mesh the geometry before connecting it to Honeybee then Honeybee uses the input mesh as the base. That will give you control on the level of accuracy. The draw back in this workflow is that creating HBSurfaces from a mesh takes longer than creating Honeybee surfaces from Breps. There is only true in Honeybee legacy. In the [+] plugins the performance for meshes is as good as the performance for Breps.

In any case it will save you so much time on the energy simulation side. (464.3 KB)

Another option is to panelize your input geometry inside Rhino using several available tools for paneling surfaces but I’m not sure if you want to deal another plugin or a complicated Grasshopper definition.