Controlling rotation of shading lamellas with ladybug

hello out there !

im trying to do a basic transformation of a simple geometry. pls have a look at the attached screeshot.

i try to associate the rotate angle of the lamellas with themesh face color. so i made the grid size very big so that only one test point is applied to each surface. but now i dont know how to get out the color information to connect it with rotation angle.

simple said if one panel is in direct sun it should be shut amplified by a factor wich is get out of panel normal and incoming sun ray.

i attach definition and rhino file, plz help me :smiley: thank you a lot

Lamellas.3dm (1000 KB) (407 KB)

Here is a fix. Hope this works. note that I flipped the surfaces for you. and that some axes of rotation seem a bit odd. im sure you will work it out!

cheers (407 KB)