Cooling/Heating Energy and R value

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to simulate the cooling/heating energy of a large building. It’s weird that the larger R value I set for the materials of building envelope the higher the energy demand.
I have tried to change my building model to a simple box and the results seemed reasonable(the larger R leads to smaller energy demand). So can I ask if there’s something wrong with my model’s geometry? How should I seperate zones of a large building to make the result accurate while not too time consuming?

Thank you ahead and please find the files attached. (689.8 KB)

Can anybody help me with it?

Use Energy Balance chart to break down the sources of energy gain and energy loss. If your space becomes overheat and you add more insulation less heat can get out and hence your cooling load will be higher. Just checking the total energy use is not the best way to study an energy model.