Coupling Ladybug_clothing_function (VER 0.0.69) with LB PMV Comfort (1.4.0)

I am trying to couple Ladybug_clothing_function (VER 0.0.69) with LB PMV Comfort (1.4.0).
I have tried to manage to get the hourly discontinuous data collection using GhPython Script shared earlier by @ChristofMathes. However, when I connect the same with LB PMV Comfort (1.4.0), the following error appears: 1. Solution exception:clo_value must be R Value in clo. Got R Value in clo. I am attaching the screenshot below as well as the gh file. Any lead would be appreciated. (526.4 KB)

Hey @Omprakash ,

There are technically ways to get your script to work by using the native R-Value type that is built into Ladybug instead of trying to recreate your own data type. You’d do this by just plugging a panel with the text RValue into the _data_type of the “LB Construct Header” component.

However, the better way to do this is to just use the LB Clothing by Temperature component that’s included in LBT 1.5+. This way, you can get rid of your dependence on the Legacy plugin.