Crash the Rhino while optimizing

I to produce the program Energy Simulation Scheduling First I simulate light and then an artificial light scheduling program is generated based on which I do energy simulation. I have several variables and two goals.
Tool and system specifications
Rhino version: 7
Versions of daylight and energy simulation tools: Ladybug 0.0.69 and Honeybee 0.0.66
System RAM: 80 GB
CPU: 48 cores

The question I have is that it does not matter when it comes to optimization with the help of a Wallacei or an octopus, after some simulation, Rhino crashes.
What is the reason for this?

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

Hard to say for me. From previous discussions i would say that it is related to memory issues on your computer. The optimization process dries out the memory.
Also i would try to send this issue to the Wallacei/Octopus groups, assuming they have one. If they don’t, maybe the general McNeel forum can be a good option.

I checked related messages in the McNeel and Ladybug groups but they did not help me. I also checked the system RAM with three different systems, but the problem persisted. I have about 180,000 analysis that I want to optimize.

Check the Wallacei discourse here.
Search for crash memory. Probably you’ll find something there and/or post your issue.

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