Create a HBsurface from a mesh

I also trying to analyze complex geometries using honeybee and have hit this issue of how to handle meshes… I have a complex wall that is a mesh and I want to run daylight analysis the slab behind it. I am trying to create a HBsurface from the mesh. Can Msh2RAD do that? Is there a way to make a mesh into a HB surface? Thanks


It is much harder to go from a mesh to a surface than the other way around but a simple script like this could work for you if your mesh does not have too many faces:

If you have a complex mesh, I think that you should be able to use Mesh2Rad to make a rad file that you can then connect to the “additionaRadFiles” input of the Run Daylight Simulation component.

-Chris (4.31 KB)

If you’re only running daylighting analysis MSH2RAD is the best solution otherwise I would do what Chris has suggested. Here is a related discussion.

Thank you both for your reply. So the mesh2rad creates a radiance object that represents the simplified mesh, stores it externally for the simulation, then brings the simulated results back in to GH?

MSH2RAD create a radiance object from the mesh (it’s not simplified) and as you said consider it in the simulation.