Create cumulative sky matrix with only clear skies

Hi all,

I am trying to get a cumulative sky matrix for the whole year with only clear skies, is it possible to do with ladybug/honeybee?

The purpose of this is to be able to find the solar position that produces the peak solar heat gains in a specific room. For that purpose I cannot use a typical weather data file.

The alternative would be to buy a meteonorm license to get a weather file with only clear skies, but first I wanted to check if it was possible to solve this within LB/HB.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Ale,

I made an alternative version of the LB sunrise/sunset that calculates GHI, DNI, DHI by using Bird Clear Sky Model (R. Bird, R. Hulstrom) a couple of months ago.

I even made a cloudy sky version of Bird Model by following NREL’s formula, however it works just for GHI.

I have used a component which copies and modifies EPW files (…), and I used the results which come from Bird Model. Probably it works, but I have to see if the results are good enough.