Create ladybug component error

I’m following Mostapha’s tutorial on creating ladybug component:…

But I have the following two problems:

  1. In the end the cloudiness data can be extracted from a weather file, but it can’t be visualized by the 3D Chart component

  2. when the “out” output variable is removed, there is no output at all from the “cloudiness” output variable.

Am I missing sth in the python code?

Thanks! (455 KB)

Hi Grasshope,

It’s because you’re using the out output which is a terminal and converts everything to string. Because of that the component fails to read start and end days.

If you create a new output and rename it to cloudiness it will work as expected. Check the attached file.

Mostapha (455 KB)

Thanks, Mostapha! ur suggestion works like a charm: rename the “out” output node as “cloudiness” and delete the existing one below will solve the problem.

So, what is the difference between the default “out” and “a” output nodes on the python component … ? what if we have multiple outcomes to be used downstream?

For some reason my response got erased! I’m trying again.

Default “out” should just be used for printing stuff. It’s a terminal and it’s not a good practice to send data to it.

If you need more than one output, you can zoom in and you will see a “+” sign that lets you add more outputs to the component.