Create Legend

I’m having difficulty getting the ‘Ladybug_Create Legend’ component to work. Any number or panel or analysis results I plug in to the ‘_valuesOrRange’ input sends me a red message ‘Need more than 6 values to unpack.’ Last week I used the same script and it worked fine. However, I’ve updated a few components and it is no longer working. I’ve switched to using a ‘Mesh Spray’ to create the gradient chart because the ‘Re-Color Mesh’ tool was giving me too much trouble. I’m just looking to create a legend.

Anybody have any suggestions?


Hi Elliot,

This issue happens because of a version mismatch between Ladybug_Ladybug and legendCreator components that you are using in your file. If you replace Ladybug component with a newer version of Ladybug it will work fine. (49.5 KB)

haha of course… the simplest fix. Checked all of the other components to make sure they were updated except for the ladybug_ladybug. Thanks for the reply! everything works fine now…