Create Model or Zone with shading

I modeled a Zone and I want to add shades to the Model. my input is a HBzone and a surface. which component can I use?
The “HB Model” component needs “Rooms” as input

two things:

  1. You are mixing legacy component providing HBZones with 1.x release which has a different architecture ‘hb rooms’
  2. Pass the shade surface into the shade component: and then the model component

Thank you,
I got the second
But the first… you mean I can’t add shades to the zone?

You can either add shades to the Room/Face/Aperture objects using the HB Add Shade component OR you can add them to the whole Model using method that Trevor described above. Both are acceptable ways of adding shade and both cases will ensure that the shades make it to the simulation.

Thank you for your reply