Create multiple zones from hb surfaces

Hi All,

My first time posting on the forum. I’m still pretty new to energy modeling in honeybee, so pardon me if the issue is that I just don’t understand the honeybee workflow.
I’m trying to automise daylight and energy simulation (in one file) as much as possible, so when using it on a lot of different geometries you only have to set your brep geometry and parameters (such as materials and reflectance), nothing else (this is to be used by people who have practically none grasshopper experience).

So I use “decompose by type” to get and customise surfaces from my multi-zone geometry and then try to merge them back to zones by “create hb zones”.
But the create zone component doasn’t seem to understand which surfaces should make up which zone. And so I get an “1. All of your HBSrfs must make a closed volume.” error.

Is it even possible to do it this way, or is the “create zone” component made only to work with one zone at a time?
If not, what would be another smart way to do what I’m trying to (getting surfaces ‘autamatically’, assigning properties and making them into zones again)?

Martina (787.9 KB)